• Since 1966, we produce high quality elastic netting for the food industry

  • Luisangela Visconti

    Luisangela Visconti

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Diego Montini

    Diego Montini

    Commercial Director

  • Mariangela Brambilla

    Mariangela Brambilla

    Order, Shipping and Involcing

  • Antonio Fontana

    Antonio Fontana

    Head of Administration and Finance

  • Lorenzo Calcinaghi

    Lorenzo Calcinaghi

    Accounting and Administration

  • Alice Montini

    Alice Montini


  • Marcello Martire

    Marcello Martire

    Head of Production

  • Our weavers and the responsible for maintenance

    Our weavers and the responsible for maintenance

Viscoret Elastic is one of the most experienced companies in the production of elastic netting for the food industry.Thanks to this long experience, and supported by the close cooperation with our customers, we were able to develop a range of nets among the most complete on the market, capable of satisfying the most diverse needs of the meat industry.

Our production philosophy, which has remained unchanged over the years, is based on the quality and consistency of the product.

Thanks to the complete control over the entire production cycle, starting from the selection of raw materials, continuing with the realisation of the elastic thread, and ending with the weaving of the net, hence we are able to offer our clients a high constancy in the quality, and therefore in the characteristics of our nets that guarantee a great uniformity in the results on their finished product.
Also, all our nets are circular and with no side seams, so they are perfectly uniform over the entire circumference of the product.
Our production organisation allows us to have a particular flexibility and to realize, alongside the standard production, “tailor-made” and custom products specifically studied and adapted to the needs or requirements of our customers.

This includes nets that are appropriate to the seasoning of all major italian and foreign charcuterie specialities, diversified by use, composition or elasticity.
The selection of nets suitable for cooking is just as wide; Even here we find a differentiation between high or low temperature use, type of material, elasticity and mesh size, able to offer the most suitable solution for every requirement.
Our range is completed by various types of nets for the final packaging of the products in order to give them the look you want.

Viscoret elastic is a company on a human scale, the people who work with us, the soul and engine of the company, have gained extensive experience and now actively participate in the renewal and business improvement to comply with new regulations, and to achieve the ever-higher standards required by the market.

  • Our clients

    Whether it be the sausage producers, meat processing industries or distributors in Italy or abroad, we consider our customers equal partners with whom we want to deal successfully with the aim of establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship of cooperation and mutual satisfaction.
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